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Traditionally, a conservatory was a building attached to the main house and built primarily as a place to grow plants. Modern homeowners today use a conservatory as an extension of the main house as an extra living space. and call it anything from a conservatory to an orangery, sun-room, or garden room.

Conservatories are extremely popular amongst residents in the UK and for good reason. They are widely useful, entirely customizable, and have been used other than the ones you see firsthand. Conservatories can add a lot of value to your home and also add value to your property when it comes to resale.

Many people in the UK who own their homes, often say space is at a premium. So adding new rooms or expanding an existing room can be a bit of a challenge. There is also the concern about needing a planning permit for these sorts of regular home extensions & renovations. But the addition of a conservatory can not only help with expanding living space but can also avoid planning permission requirements in most circumstances.

With modular designs that can be assembled relatively quickly and with less mess than conventional construction, a uPVC Conservatory can be a much loved and valuable “add-on” for any style of the house, whether it’s a period edifice, modern urban home, country cottage or city dwelling.

Here are a few ways that you can use your conservatory.

• Dining Room

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Many UK homes are built without modern living in mind, most homes were not built with extra room for things like dining rooms. Therefore, using a conservatory to add a dining room to your home can not only give you and your family a place to enjoy meals but it would also free up space in your kitchen, giving you more room to cook, socialize or may even allow you to redesign your kitchen.

• Lounging Area

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Designing your conservatory to be a lounge area for you and your family can be great fun and as you’re designing a newly built extension, you have complete control over the aesthetics. You could continue your home’s current aesthetic or create a brand new atmosphere to escape to after a long day's work. Create a rustic room by leaving the bricks of the conservatory exposed, adding rattan furniture and some plants. Or paint over the bricks, add some marbled furniture, and bright lighting to add a modern feel to your conservatory.

• Kitchen Extension

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If your kitchen is too crowded and you feel like you need more space, why not use a conservatory as a kitchen extension? The way that conservatories are built will allow a lot of light to be let in so your kitchen is bright all throughout the year. And as a conservatory is custom-built to your desire, you can choose how much room you want to add to the kitchen. However, as conservatories are built onto your garden, they will take away some of your exterior outdoor space.

• Utility & Storage Room

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Using a conservatory as a room to do your laundry and store essentials is a great use of space. It would mean that all your tools and paints are conveniently stored in your home and not in frustrating places like your loft or garden shed. Doubling up as a utility room also means that you have a designated space to wash and dry all your clothing and towels, meaning you have more room in your kitchen for food and utensil storage.

These are only a few of the useful ways that you can utilize a new conservatory. Whether you choose to use it for one of these reasons or one of your own, you’ll want your conservatory to be built by professionals of high quality. 

A conservatory is a brilliant addition to any home. Not only does it give you an extra room for entertaining, but it also serves as a transitional space when the seasons are changing. Many Spring and Autumn evenings can be enjoyed in a classic conservatory room – and there are several different ways to use the space depending on your needs and wants.

Lots of people use their conservatory as eating and lounging space, and indoor garden furniture such as wicker chairs make the perfect seating for this. Whatever the plans for your conservatory, take a look at our ideas for making the most of this brilliant space.

Property Contractors 247 offer a complete conservatory service including a quote. Contact us and our team will help you build the conservatory of your dreams. 02079162087

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