Turn your home into a luxurious home

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Today we’ll share some of our favorites with you. If you love the luxury life, take the advice here and begin to transform your own home.

Start by completely clearing the rooms so that you are working from a blank canvas. Keep in mind from the start that you want to avoid clutter. Consider the shape of the room and if there are any areas you can use as features like built-in bookshelves or quirky nooks and crannies. Sometimes knocking through walls can provide a much larger space to live in and increase light.

Small front garden

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Make sure your garden is regularly maintained or add hard landscaping to cut down on maintenance. Nothing says luxury more than a sturdy gate and security system. A porch is always welcoming and purchasing a statement door with a bold colour like pillar box or black.

Home Entrance

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Depending on the property you have the entrance will vary but if there is space add a table with a lamp or flowers on it and a large mirror. If you have a large entrance then turn it into a feature library. Remember guests will see this first when they enter your house so do something bold.

Reception area or Living room

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Do not forget comfort whilst selecting the style that suits you. Lighter sofas and whites always look more luxurious but if you have children then it’s not wise to have a light sofa. Adding scatter cushions is a great way to glam up a sofa.

Once again make sure there is no clutter and add large pieces of artwork around the room.


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The bed is the focal point for the bedroom so ensure you have a plush headboard with two matching side tables and matching lamps on each of them.


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Luxury bathroom with rainforest showers and jets, jacuzzi bath, heated towel rails, heated flooring, large mirrors, marble flooring, dimmer lights and candles, no clutter.


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Good lighting can transform any house into a luxury home. The expert interior designers use a layer lighting trick to achieve the perfect atmosphere. That means starting with a rich overhead light, accompanied by a number of smaller lamps. Candles are another fantastic way to add luxury to your home.


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The furniture you fill the home with will have a huge impact on the ambience. When it comes to furniture, it’s really important to invest in good quality items. Again, choose rich colors that compliment your color scheme.


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Finally, it is the floors that really define a property. Dark woods are the classic luxury option. There are few floor finishes as powerful as parquet flooring. It really is worth investing in good quality wooden floors. For the bedrooms, choose thick, fluffy carpets. When you get it right, it feels like you could melt into them! 

Hardware finishes

Like we said, the devil is in the details. Luxury comes from the small touches. It gives your home a sense of refinement. We’re talking about door handles, bathroom taps and other small finishes. They’re all the little things you wouldn’t typically consider.

If you’re looking for a builder or home designer Property Contractors 247 are here to help you! We have been working across London & the City, helping people turn a tired property into a stunning functional space, adding value by extending & recently converting a disused office into lovely flats.

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