The coming of summer brings excitement for many people. All of the warm weather and sunshine allows us to spend more time outside and soak up some Vitamin D, but the heat of summer can also mean that money is spent on unnecessary electrical bills for many people. 

Some tips for reducing your summer electric bill, so the licensed electricians at  Property Contractors 247 are here to help. 

How to Reduce Your Summer Electrical Bill

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Although many people end up saving on electricity during the summer by not using heat as much and spending less time using electrical entertainment, there are many ways to further save on electricity.

Some great tips that might help to keep your electrical bills down include:

1.Turn Off the Lights

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Remembering to turn off the lights is one of the most important factors in reducing your electricity bill in the summer.

It is best to make use of the natural light throughout the day by opening the blinds and letting natural sunlight into your home or building.

2. Manage Your Air Conditioner Properly

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While having an air conditioner can be a great way to keep your home cool this summer, running your air conditioner all the time can result in a hefty electrical bill.

3. Automate Your Thermostat

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Make sure that you turn down your thermostat when you are not at home. Many thermostats can be programmed to shut off automatically during times when you are away, even if it is only for the day.

4. Avoid Using Unnecessary Appliances

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If you have a barbecue, using it can help to reduce the amount you spend cooling your home and cooking your food. Ovens and stoves require more electricity and end up adding additional heat to your home.

If you are interested in learning more ways to reduce your summer electric bill, or to find out more about the lighting and electrical services we offer, please contact Property Contractors 247 at 020 7916 2087.

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