Do you have a Small Kitchen Problem?

Every kitchen needs more storage, and by embracing simple storage solutions and utilising clever interior optical illusions, you can increase the sense of spacious functionality of your kitchen. 

Utilizing clever storage solutions is the key to make your kitchen look more spacious. Whatever the size of your kitchen, you want to make the most of storage possibilities. Floating shelves allow you to keep everyday items within easy reach and drawer dividers, internal shelving and containers help to group items and maximise capacity within drawers and cupboards. 

Here’s one example of a Property Contractors 247 project, in which we utilise space by converting a closed Kitchen into an open-plan kitchen. 


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Closed-off kitchens are not only a thing of the past but they don’t easily lend themselves to the way we live. Open concept kitchens lead to better space, and sightlines, especially as our client has a child and needs to be able to see the child playing in the adjacent room. Open plan kitchens allow you to interact with your guests, and with our busy cramped lives,we all need more space. 


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As you can see the bins and the sink everything just fits perfectly. Converting your closed-in kitchen into an open concept can make your home look spacious, and allows homeowners to live their lives on their own terms. Knocking out some walls, arranging the layout of appliances, and adding cabinets and flooring to enhance a pull-together look can give homeowners their dreams and within their budget.

So what we did is to open everything a wall that divides the kitchen into the living room has been removed. We also make sure that every single centimeter is usable. We also changed the flooring.

The customer also wants the sink and the garbage bins altogether and there was no space but here at Property Contractors 247 we make sure that everything you want we make it possible. So what we did is to install a flat truck and make sure everything works well.

The key to all of this is a well-thought strategy. Keeping aesthetics, workflow, and structure on how to look spacious in mind. Transitioning areas that are part of the open look, but may need some demarcation that can easily be incorporated with accents and materials.

Below is the full video with our client review:

By removing one wall we were able to increase the storage space and ensured that every inch of gained space was usable. The result was an aesthetically pleasing with a modern and sleek look.

Why not let Property Contractors 247, assist you on your next renovation and provide you with a well thought out design and professional delivery on time and on budget. You can visit our completed projects page.

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