What better time than now to renovate and redesign your kitchen ready for your summer adventures. Whether you want an entirely new kitchen, or just to change a few things, here are some ways that you can revamp your kitchen.

New Kitchenware & Appliances

A quick and easy way to change your kitchen is to get some new kitchen appliances. Buying a new kettle, toaster & microwave set along with some new tea, coffee & sugar pots is a great way to inject color and design to your kitchen. Buying some new cutlery, knives, and utensils that match the new appliances is a cost-effective way to continue your new aesthetic throughout the whole kitchen.

Colourful Interior decoration

A great way to add more character to your kitchen for summer is to add some simple floral decorations. Introducing a small vase of flowers on the kitchen table or on the window sill, will add colour and personality to your kitchen in an instant. In addition, you could find some artwork of colourful fruits and flowers to frame and put on any bare walls. Not only will this fill the empty walls, but also help your aesthetic flow. Why not add a runner on your table, or a bright under your kitchen table! Adding small things to a big space is a great way to add lots of character easily.

Have a full kitchen refurbishment

Having a new kitchen installed this summer will give your home the fresh feeling you’re after and there are many different ways to style your kitchen. A shiny black, tiled floor with bright white tabletops and spots of color in the decoration is perfect for a summer aesthetic. Black & white is also a universal color palette that will allow you to redecorate easily for the upcoming winter season.

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