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Garage conversion ideas are everywhere – folks are looking at ways to create that extra living space, bedroom, or home office without changing the existing footprint of their house or burning too big a hole in their savings, especially in London where there is a shortage of space.

Housing prices are rising across the UK, many homeowners are looking at ways to make better use of the space they have in their current property, rather than buying another one.

Let's Look At The Pros And Cons Of Garage Conversions In London

Garage conversions are a perfect way of adding space to your home. However, there are pros and cons as you may be compromising the space for your car. So, let's look at some of the pros and cons of turning your garage into extra living space for your home.

Pros of Garage Conversion


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This is a no-brainer. The possibilities of a garage conversion are endless:  this space can become a bedroom, living space, hobby/craft area, home gym, bathroom, kitchen space, or home office… whatever you need most. Extending a house can be a costly business, but by converting your garage you can achieve this extra room without altering the footprint of your home.


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One huge advantage of a garage conversion is that the bulk of the work can be accomplished with minimal disruption to your daily living the space already exists, so it’s just a case of renovating it.



Are you planning to take in a boarder?  A garage conversion is a great way to create the space you need to rent out. In this instance, the money spent on the renovation can be reclaimed through rental payments (and you may be able to chip away faster at your mortgage too!).


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There are many hidden expenses involved in moving to a new house: on top of the monetary difference between your current home and the new one, you have to consider stamp duty, removal costs, and any renovation costs that will be necessary to make the new home comfortable and practical. A garage conversion is a great way to gain the extra space you need without all the hassle and hidden costs associated with moving.

Cons of Garage Conversion


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The most obvious thing you’ll lose with your garage conversion is the space to store your vehicle. Of course, if yours is a double garage, you can have your cake and eat it too! – by dividing your garage you can renovate half of it and still park your car out of the elements.

A simple carport may be a way to overcome this obstacle – do you have room to erect a carport so that your vehicle can be parked out of the weather?

And what about somewhere to store all the extra clutter?  While this might seem a problem, it’s a hurdle that can be overcome with relative ease – use this opportunity to declutter and talk to your building team about creating storage solutions as part of your renovation project.


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Ultimately, every home renovation project should increase, not decrease the resale value of your home. When considering your garage conversion ideas, be sure to think about your future buyer’s needs – for example, if a car parking space in your street is at a premium, converting your garage may not be the best option for you.



If your garage conversion involves changing the exterior of your home, you will need to obtain the appropriate permits from your local authorities. It is important to remember that if all building works are not done legally, your home insurer may drop the value of your home. So, while it’s not usually difficult to obtain the necessary paperwork, it may involve time and a bit of hassle.

If you have questions about garage conversions feel free to comment down below. If you're looking for a trusted garage conversion contractor, please contact us for a quotation inquiry or call us on 020 7916 2087.

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