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Modern kitchen design is sometimes broadly categorized as any style that's less traditional and more contemporary but in fact, all modern design has specific roots in terms of its time period, style and inspirations.

Modern design started around World War I and generally featured flat surfaces, geometric forms, and little or no ornamentation or adornments.

Modern kitchen cabinets, for example, are often defined by a sleek, angular and simple design, featuring little or no hardware, flush doors and flat surfaces.

Kitchen styles often focus more of their design on natural materials for cabinets, countertops, floors and furniture. Modern kitchen designs depart from this aesthetic fairly frequently, often featuring man-made materials like laminate, ceramics and molded plastics.

Accessories and other design flourishes can build on a modern kitchen theme. Cabinet doors may be replaced with frosted glass or a sleek laminate or wood veneer to create a modern look.

Flooring and tile work in modern kitchens tend to follow the overall aesthetic, adhering to the clean lines and relative simplicity recognizable in the broader design.

Tile floors or backsplashes of slate or granite in geometric patterns are common, as are subway tiles used for simple, elegant backsplashes.

Finally, furniture choices can contribute greatly to any modern kitchen design. Tables, stools, chairs and benches are available in an array of angular and flowing designs.


•Colonial Kitchen Design

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•Italian Kitchen Design


•European Kitchen Design

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