London Home Designs

London Home Designs

At Property Contractors 247, we design high-quality homes to suit your lifestyle and budget. Our passionate home build and design service team will help you through the planning stages all the way to the build stage. Our architects and London home designers can help bring your ideas, designs to life.

Property Contractors 247 is looking forward to helping you get started on your dream home design and offer you bespoke service for your unique journey.

We Provide Professional London Home Design Service

What do you visualise when you think of your home design?
Whether it is modern, classic, traditional or stunning features - during our consultation we will explore all the features, colour, materials, etc. to make sure that the design is able to capture your rich taste. Home design is the art and science of enhancing the interior of a building to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the people using the space.

At Property Contractors 247, we help you by first understanding what is your definition of home design & the personalised styles that you want. Through years of experience, we have found many of our customers find it difficult to work out what they want from their new home if they don’t have a defined starting point. If you're looking for a designer to make your home beautiful - don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

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Property Contractors 247 build your ideal home design including full refurbishment & other services such as:

  • Kitchen Design 
  • Bathroom Design
  • Bedroom Design
  • Basement Design
  • Loft Design

Kitchen Design

For our 12 years of working across London, Property Contractors 247 do a lot of kitchen design works, We create one-of-a-kind kitchen designs incorporating how you live, and what you love, helping you to create memories and emotion in your new kitchen is our passion, times have changed from being fitted and functional to be more inviting and intimate.

Our goal is to enhance the way you live by making the most of your kitchen bringing friends and family together into a well-designed kitchen. Our home design services offer an efficient and professional way to acquire your dream kitchen space.

We have experts from the industry to guide you from initial home design to installation, you can see our recently completed projects for more inspirational kitchen design.

Bathroom Design

Full bathroom design is also one of our services. We can turn your bathroom quite simple. A bathroom should do two things: enhance the quality of life and promote positive well-being. We know that this can be quickly and easily achieved when space is designed with both functionality and aesthetics in mind.

An invigorating shower is a perfect way to refresh and feel renewed; it is an opportunity to steal a moment to unwind and recharge. A bathroom should be a sanctuary, somewhere you can relax with dignity, a quiet place to exercise some well-deserved self-care.

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Bedroom Design

Property Contractors 247 can turn your tired bedroom into the sanctuary you deserve with our brilliant bedroom designs. We design rooms to suit every style and season, from the snug and cosy rooms to snuggle down in winter, to light and airy rooms that are cool and calm for summer.

We spend around one-third of our lives in bed. Therefore, it is all the more crucial that our bedroom should be as beautiful and practical as possible. That's why we've considered everything from the right lighting and window dressings, to practical storage and ways to make more space.

Basement Design

Basement Design is a popular trend as people in London try to make the most out of the square footage of their property. Home gyms, playrooms, wine cellars, swimming pools, or car parking facilities are just a handful of the uses people find for digging downwards.

Basements already designed and implemented, our unrivalled experience makes us the leaders in basement planning, home design, specification, and detailing. We offer a completely personalized basement design service specifically tailored to your needs. Obviously, it’s far simpler to build a basement when you’re constructing a house from scratch, but even if you don’t need to worry about the complexities of excavation, there’s still a lot of factors to think about.

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Loft Design

If you want, or need to introduce extra living space into your home, then a loft conversion, loft design could be the answer. Because a well-designed attic room will not only create extra habitable space to help free up a busy household, but whether you want to add an extra lounge, bathroom, guest bedroom, or even open plan kitchen to your home, it's a really clever alternative to an extension that could even up your property's value.

We can help establish the relevant requirements for your property as it may be possible to convert your loft conversion or loft design under Permitted Development regulations. If you would like to add extra living space, increase the value of your home and avoid the stress of moving, we offer loft conversions that are of the highest quality in terms of home design, craftsmanship, and sustainability.

Our work will not only give you additional space but will enhance both your property and your lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions About Home Designs in London (FAQs)

Can You Do Small Room Design?
Property Contractors 247 offers different kinds of home building, from home construction to commercial building.

We also specialized in designing a small bedroom even the most humble of box rooms have the ability to serve as a comfortable small bedroom, and clever use of furniture can turn it into a multi-functional space too, incorporating useful study and storage areas. Careful planning and a dash of inspiration are all that’s needed to maximize a small bedroom’s potential.
Do You Offer Home Design Plans For Free?
At Property Contractors 247, we offer free home building quotations. We offer affordable home building, from small space areas to full commercial projects. We specialize in helping homeowners with any home building project (no matter how big or small the budget!) – Just tell us a bit about your project and we’ll match you with the right professionals.
Is There An Option For 3D Home Design Plans?
We have all the professionals on our team to provide the best quality you need. From 3D home design to home draft of your desired home. A 3D floor plan typically offers complete details of the interior and exterior of a structure. Even landscaping can be fully represented.

Working closely with clients we are able to deliver on time and on budget. With skills and experience that covers the full range of 2 & 3D graphics as well as extensive experience in print and web design we are able to add value to many different types of projects.
What Rooms Are Included In Your Home Design Service?
Property Contractors 247 can design Living Room, Bedrooms, Dining Room, Basement, Home office & Storage room.
Do I Need To Give You A Floor Plan?
Property Contractors 247 can give a floor plan depending on your preferred home ideas/design but if you already have your own floor plan much better so we can go through the next steps.

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