Kitchen Refurbishment – do’s and don’ts

Elevating the value of a home becomes notably achievable through a well-executed kitchen refurbishment, but what exactly does this process involve? If, like most individuals, you delegate tasks to professionals, there are preliminary measures to address before construction commences.

Below are the four key stages on how Property Contractors 247 can expertly renovate your kitchen:

1. We need to understand what THE CUSTOMER WANTS - a detailed brief. 

At Property Contractors 247, the foremost step in our kitchen refurbishment process is to gain a deep understanding of our customer's aspirations and desires. We begin by collecting a detailed brief that outlines your vision, preferences, and functional requirements for your new kitchen space. This step ensures that the upcoming renovation aligns precisely with your expectations and lifestyle needs.

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2. We need to fully survey the property, this requires.

Understanding Building Requirements: It's important to comprehend the building requirements, including the fact that many leaseholders necessitate a comprehensive method statement encompassing a schedule of works, which must come from a registered company.

Clarifying Space Limitations: We must also consider the space's constraints and possibilities. For instance, there's a non-removable soil pipe in the kitchen.

Crucial Project Stage: In our perspective, the most pivotal phase has arrived – ensuring that the client grasps both the potential and limitations of the project.

Illustrative Case: Take the following scenario: The client aimed to retain the original flooring around the kitchen area. This floor comprises 18mm engineered hardwood plus a 6mm heating mat and an additional 6mm insulation board. In light of this, adjusting the new waterproof flooring to align with the existing engineered floor level becomes a necessity.

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This requires a little more expense that the client didn’t consider, so it best we highlight this now so they do not get any surprises. At Property Contractors 247 we always aim to be fully transparent and our clients are never shocked with additional costs.

3. We assist the client in envisioning the prospective appearance of the kitchen refurbishment, refining it through final adjustments, and reaching an agreement on the ultimate product.

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Once these steps are complete, we initiate the work, marking the commencement of an exciting journey. Throughout the entire process, we maintain continuous communication with the client, ensuring they remain engaged and informed every step of the way.

Here's the sample video one of our kitchen refurbishment project.

4. Celebrate Your New Kitchen 

With the kitchen refurbishment project now successfully concluded, it's an opportune moment to revel in the accomplishment of your stunning new kitchen. This marks the fruition of your aspirations and our commitment to delivering excellence in kitchen refurbishment.

As you take a moment to admire your beautifully transformed kitchen, we invite you to indulge in a well-deserved celebration. Consider pouring a glass of your preferred wine or preparing a beloved meal to share with friends. The culmination of meticulous planning and skillful execution has brought forth a space that harmonizes both aesthetics and functionality, enriching your daily living experience.

Your newly refurbished kitchen is a testament to the synergy between your vision and our expertise in kitchen refurbishment. We celebrate not only the completion of this project but also the beginning of a chapter filled with culinary creativity and cherished moments shared with loved ones.

Raise a toast to your new kitchen, where every detail reflects your taste and preferences. We are honored to have played a role in bringing your kitchen refurbishment aspirations to life, and we look forward to witnessing the memories you'll create in this inspiring space.

Thinking about a new kitchen? Property Contractors 247, assist you on your next renovation and provide you with a well thought out design and professional delivery on time and on budget. You can submit your enquiry or call us  020 7916 2087

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