DIFFERENT KINDS OF STAIRCASE: Which is right for you?

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Picking a staircase can be a tricky business, particularly if you’re building from scratch or trying to provide access in a constricted space. With so many options available, you’ll want to take some time to consider which staircase will best meet your needs, and work with the available space. You must carefully plan out every detail of your new staircase design, including its size, configuration, and materials. It is also crucial that the final design meets the current requirements of the Building Regulations.

A tailor-made staircase is the structural masterpiece of a property or commercial space. The perfect design solution should incorporate all the elements of style, practicality, and safety. A staircase design should not only look aesthetically pleasing but also be safe to use – that’s why it’s imperative your staircase complies with current building regulations.

The Best Place For a Staircase

Every home will have different requirements when it comes to staircase design and so the position of your staircase should be based on your own layout. 

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In general, the best place for the base of a staircase is viewed as being somewhere near the front door. It is also preferable not to have to cross another room to reach the stairs from the front door. In fact, this is vital if there is a third storey to the house, as the stairs will have to act as a fire escape route.

Consider the way in which your new staircase design will work with the natural light entering your home — avoid positioning the new staircase in such a way that it will block any flow of light. 

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Straight Stairs

This is the typical staircase many people imagine when first putting a home together in their mind and it offers a surprising amount of variety, especially when it comes to its placement. A straight staircase running alongside a wall means you don’t require two balustrades and also opens the room up a great deal, while the same staircase placed in the centre of a room can constitute an eye-catching and exciting statement.

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Turn Stairs

For homes with a landing that cannot be connected to the foot of their stairs by way of a straight line, you can select a quarter-turn staircase (L shaped stairs) or a half turn staircase (U shaped or “switchback” stairs). These consist of a number of steps leading to a landing, from which another set of steps lead to the landing of the next floor in another direction. If this landing sits to the left or right-hand side of the original staircase direction in your case, you should choose a quarter turn. If the landing would be directly behind you, then a half-turn would be required.

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Spiral Stairs

Spiral stairs offer several advantages over a straight stair. With their winding form, spiral staircases can instantly add character to any space. This can be a real advantage if you are trying to sell your home or let an office. We can customise everything from the colour to the tread design and the materials, creating a one-of-a-kind focal point for the building. If you like the compact form but would prefer a more angular shape, then we also offer square spiral staircases which can be fitted tightly to walls

Beyond their arresting design, the other obvious advantage of a spiral staircase is space-saving. Unlike the long footprint of a straight staircase, the base of a spiral staircase is remarkably compact. This makes them an ideal choice for situations where available space is thin on the ground – like loft conversions. If you are trying to fit more furniture for entertainment, lettable space for your office or living space in your home, a spiral staircase is a way to go.

Kited & Combination Staircases

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These staircases are all about angles, more specifically a 90-degree turn near the base of the staircase. The subtle difference between the two options is that on the combination staircase, this turn is achieved with spiral treads, whilst on a kited staircase this turn is created with flat edge patterns following the wall line.

The turn not only adds some glamour to the staircases, it can also provide a solution to restrictions on certain properties. As the length of the staircase is reduced in comparison to a straight staircase, they can be used to provide access to an upper room with a sloped ceiling.

Externally, they are also a common feature of older properties in areas such as London and Bath, providing access to a cellar via a front lightwell. We are frequently asked to design and manufacture staircases that match these period stylings, ensuring the design will meet with any conservation area restrictions.

Helical Staircases

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If you really want to make a statement in a grand space then helical staircases are the answer. Unlike spiral stairs, these staircases do not have a central column. As a result, they can either be designed to screw tightly around a relatively small radius or sweep out grandly across a room.

The graceful form and relatively large footprint of these staircases make them a popular choice for customers looking to add further class to a large, luxurious space such as a penthouse apartment or commercial lobby area.

There are a lot of types of stairs. It just depends on you, if what you really want. We offer affordable home renovation. Property Contractors 247 want you to have your own tailored stairs. Contact us now at 020 7916 2087 for your home renovation and have your staircase as the main feature of your home.

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