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Home is compact to the point of making you consider moving, wait for just a minute, as we might have some easier solutions.

One of the main concerns when having a baby is the additional space required. You know you are going to need to find a place for the baby to sleep, somewhere to store the pram, baby bath, bouncy chair, new clothes, and all the other new bits you will have acquired. 

For tots that are starting to grow, they will need a larger sleeping space, drawers and cupboards, and more room to store all their toys. 

Here are ways to get more space without moving home

1. Make your rooms multifunctional


It's all very well have separate rooms for everything, but that's a recipe for disaster in terms of small home management.

2. Ramp up your storage

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Look for dead space that can easily be converted into handy shelving or cupboards. You'll be shocked at how many locations will be suitable, but a favorite is under your stairs! 

3. Pinch ideas from smaller homes

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Here's a great idea! Instead of trying to think up your own ideas for making your home feel bigger, simply research how people get the most out of studio apartments!

4. Ditch the double bed

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We know you probably love a huge bed, but if your bedroom is straining under the weight of all your belongings, it might be time to think of an alternative, such as a day or sofa bed.

Here are some simple ways to maximize your existing space and create extra room for your family. 


Under-bed drawers – if there is space under your child’s bed, add some drawers which can be used to store clothes, sheets, and toys. Also, consider using the space under the cot as there is usually room to store items. 

Add a divider in the room – If your children are getting older but sharing a room, then you might want to think about their privacy. Adding a divider in the room will give them a sense of their own space which is important for a child as s/he grows up. 

Organize - the likelihood is that when you have your baby you will receive gifts of clothes of different ages: 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-12 months, etc. Bigger clothes should be tightly packed together, clearly labeled, and then put out of the way but somewhere you will remember them! As the baby grows you can unpack them and pack/give away the smaller clothes. 

Perhaps no matter how much you declutter or maximize the space you have, it’s still simply not enough. Are there other options available rather than moving to a new house? 

Moving home is expensive! With the uncertainty of Brexit looming, and the cost of stamp duty and legal fees alone running into the tens of thousands of pounds, many families worry about how they can afford to get the additional space they need for their growing family. 

Loft Conversion 

If you have an attic that has not been converted, this could be a perfect opportunity to add a master en-suite bedroom, a playroom, or even two additional bedrooms for the kids. 

Home Extension 

A home extension can be a great opportunity to open up the downstairs space and have a large open plan kitchen/diner or to add an additional room and a utility room.

Garage conversion 

As cars have become much bigger, garages are being used less and less, and these days tend to be used as a dumping ground for excess items.

Could your home actually still be big enough if you try these tips out? Let us know in the comment section below!

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