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In economically changing times, it has become quite important for property owners to preserve their real estate assets in a wonderful condition. 

This can only happen if the property has been provided with regular and timely done maintenance, with proper tools and equipment. 

It is quite evident that maintaining a property in a considerably good condition is a tough task. It is somewhat challenging and includes a time-consuming process, but it is a very important process too. 

Having a properly maintained property ready at disposal also considerably increases its prices. In case of emergencies, timely maintaining your property also keeps it ready for use. 

Furthermore, a maintained property will always score more on the rent fixation chart. 

Property owners, and specifically those who don’t live at their properties, often lack the time and enthusiasm required to maintain their properties. Such property owners can always resort to the services offered by a professional property maintenance provider. Property Contractors 247 provides its customers with the best services at affordable prices. 

The prices usually only vary with the size of the property concerned.

Maintaining the appeal of residential property is important for residents, but it is even more important for the owner of the actual property. Allowing the appearance of residential property to deteriorate can result in a devaluation of the property, making it more difficult to sell in the future. Similarly, a dilapidated home can scare away any potential tenants in the event your current tenants move out.

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Below, we recommend the following checks are carried out on the external building fabric;

Walls: Are there signs of cracked brickwork? Damaged / cracked bricks may be a sign of subsidence or settlement, or in less serious circumstances, may just be cracks that appear with expansion and shrinkage over time. In all circumstances contact Helifix who will be able to advise on next steps. The sooner the crack is addressed the better, before the problem worsens.

Gutters, Gulleys, Downspouts and Drains: Are they damaged, leaking or blocked? Water leaking from damaged pipes and drains can cause erosion and soil softening. Foundation movement and cracking can occur on soft ground affected by damaged water escapes left to leak or overflow.

Trees: Are there tree roots encroaching under your property? Trees can cause building movement and damage, in clay soils, by removing moisture from the ground in addition tree roots notoriously invade underground drainage pipes causing blockages and damage. Careful consideration is also necessary when removing trees as soil can expand in such situations. Plant cautiously, regularly prune and seek information from your local council regarding tree preservation orders when considering removal.

It is easy to neglect your property, however one of the best ways to retain its value is to take care of it. That does mean fixing repairs when they are needed and carrying out regular maintenance checks.

Here are our top tips on how to take care of your property all year round, from spring to winter.


  • External;

– Clear gutters of leaves and debris to prevent issues caused by rainfall.

– Check the roof for moss growth and loose or missing tiles.

– Monitor the condition of exterior paintwork.

– Make sure windows are cleaned regularly and check the condition of the glass and frames.

– Maintain any decking, cleaning it annually to prevent a build-up of moss.

– Clean any external decoration such as pots or stone work.

  • Internal;

– Pull furniture away from walls to air your living spaces, also check for damp and mould patches.

– Open your windows to ventilate your home, preventing stale air and increased moisture.

– Take down any curtains and blinds for a deep clean.

– Check internal pipes for signs of leaks.

– Check your loft for any signs of damage such as misaligned roof tiles and water ingress.


  • External;

– Carry out exterior decorating jobs, the warmer weather will allow things to dry quicker.

– Maintain your garden- trim ivy and other climbing plants to reduce the likelihood of damage and cut back any large trees and shrubs near the house.

– Tackle any roof issues before the winter months draw in.

  • Internal;

– Get your boiler serviced and bleed your radiators in time for the cooler months.

– Ensure your curtains and window are open to circulate fresh air into your home.

– Monitor your loft for signs of pests, wasp nests are very common during this season.

– If you have an open fire or wood burner, ensure your chimney is swept and prepared to be used during the winter months.


  • External;

– Clear your gutter during the end of autumn as trees will have dropped their leaves.

– Insulate any outside pipes or taps ready for those frosty mornings.

– Inspect your drains and be clear of any issues.

  • Internal;

– Check draught proofing around doors and windows.

– Check that you have the correct about of insulation in your loft- aim for a minimum depth of 270mm.


  • External;

– Check for any cracks in exterior walls that could be made worse by ice.

– Check for any storm damage i.e. trees and fences, ensure these are not damaging your property.

– Check your roof tiles after any high winds, they may have come loose or even fallen off.

  • Internal;

– Wipe away any signs of condensation, as this could lead to damp and rot.

– Use extractor fans or leave windows on the latch to prevent moisture building up in your

  • bathroom or kitchen.

– Check your pipes regularly after a cold snap.

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The advice above is designed to prevent any unforeseen structural problems arising. Should you find that your property does suffer with cracking to the brickwork, do contact Property Contractors 247 of experts on who will be able to advise.

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