How to Remodel Your Kitchen

You’ve decided to remodel your kitchen. Now what? Not knowing where to start, many homeowners start by looking at kitchen appliances. Others collect inspiring kitchen photos. Some homeowners decide they need more room. 

We’ll start with the first nine steps in this article.

1. Think About What You Need in Your Kitchen Remodel

This step is all about figuring out how you use your kitchen, and finding the layout and features that fit your household’s lifestyle.

Think about your priorities and ask yourself some questions. How many people will be cooking and gathering here? How will they need to move around? Do you need an addition, or can you work with your existing kitchen footprint? 

If you haven’t done so already, start saving photos of kitchens with features that suit your style. Your collection can be organized and beautiful like a scrapbook might be, or it can be filled with unorganized images.

2. Research and Plan

Ready to green-light that project and take the plunge? The best place to start is by formulating what’s commonly referred to as the scope of work and figuring out your preliminary budget.

Both of these may be subject to change, so don’t feel as though you have only one chance at this. Budget and scope are intertwined and often change many times during the kitchen design process as you become more educated and able to reconcile what you want and what you can afford.

3. Find the Professionals You Will Need

Unless you’re building your own kitchen cabinets and doing your own electrical and plumbing, you’re going to work with a professional at some point.

The Property Contractors 247 offers a list of design, remodeling and service professionals throughout North West London, North London, East London and the City. 

4. Settle on a Schematic Design

This phase includes sketches, space planning, preliminary floor plans and elevations showing the layout and cabinet sizes.

5. Specify Fixtures and Finishes

Throughout this process, and probably long before, you have been saving photos of kitchens you love into your ideabooks and folders.

Now you need to make your final selection of finishes and fixtures. This may include:

  • Cabinetry construction type, door style, finish and color\
  • Countertop material
  • Refrigerators and other appliances
  • Kitchen sinks
  • Kitchen faucets
  • Light fixtures
  • Flooring
  • Backsplash
  • Decorative hardware

6. Work on Design Development and Construction Documents

This is the stage where you finalize the design and prepare final floor plans, elevations, details and, if applicable, mechanical and electrical drawings, lighting switch plans, and exterior elevations.

7. Get Contractor Estimates

If you don’t already have a licensed contractor on your project, your next step is to find one to carry the project through.

8. Prepare for Demo

The big day is upon us, most likely about four to eight weeks from when you submitted for permits. Now it’s time to get that schedule firmed up and plan on cleaning out the cabinets, putting what you don’t need in storage

9. Get Through the Punch List

Once construction is over  well, almost over there’s typically a list of items that are missing, wrong or simply forgotten about.

I hope these tips can help you or if you're planning to remodel your kitchen you can contact us!

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