How to make a small kitchen feel large with tiles

You may have a kitchen the size of a small cupboard, but a space of any size can feel roomy if you know a few tricks, such as sticking to white cabinets and walls and limiting the amount of busy patterns in a room. When it comes to creating the illusion of a bigger space, the right choice of wall and floor tiles can make all the difference. 

Large format tiles

These large tiles trick the eye and make a room look bigger because there are fewer grout lines that look less cluttered and make the room feel more seamless.

Pale tiles

Paler shades of tile, whether on the wall or the floor will reflect light and soften those corners and edges, which has the effect of visually opening up the space.

Glossy tiles

These tiles will bounce light around, making the room feel larger, whereas matt tiles absorb the light.

Simple, plain tiles

Visually this also makes the room feel busy too. That’s not to say that patterned tiles are a no-no for a small room, but just stick to a subtle pattern with a pale colour palette like the Bordeaux Arcachon.

Simple colour palette

Lots of extreme and contrasting shades will visually ‘cut up’ the space, making it feel busy and therefore smaller.

Simple configuration

If you choose rectangular tiles, make sure they are laid length-ways down the kitchen. This will draw the eye and elongate the room.

Maximise the amount of light too with very pale colours and glossy finishes throughout and you will create a light, bright spacious feel to your kitchen.

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