Somehow in the last couple of years, the time has stretched yet stalled in ways most of us can’t quite comprehend: it seems as though the initial pandemic lockdown was only yesterday and yet, there are less than three months left of 2021. 

The ongoing impacts of Covid-19 and the restrictions and life change it has brought about have shaped all aspects of life: including property design and development, and the way we choose to furnish our homes. But as 2022 approaches and perhaps we can all finally detect hope and healing on the horizon, what trends will we see in interior design?

When it comes to getting to grip on the newest interior trends 2022 has to offer, it's best to get your inspiration from the source. With that in mind, we've asked some top interior designers for their predictions on what trends are set to define the next year. 

For 2022, you'll notice a bit of a pattern. After an unsettling couple of years, the overarching trend in house design ideas is to create an escape from the outside world — a restful, healing space that informs our choices of colours, materials, layout, and more. 

With that in mind, expect to see trends that are focused on health and wellbeing be at the forefront of design, with ideas such as biophilic design, healthy homes, and sustainability at the core of all the smaller trends in colour and style. 

1. A Sea of Green

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With the strongest and most immediate association with nature, tones of green are one of the most obvious choices for interior design trends in 2022. Green plays well into an over-arching trend for biophilic design in the home — that is, recreating a connection to nature indoors that can help reproduce some of the health and mood-boosting qualities of spending time in nature. 

The houseplant trend we saw bloom through 2021 is set to continue through 2022. Bringing authentic greenery into the home has been proven to improve internal air quality, promote endorphins, and, well, make the place look great!

Retailers have moved with the increased demand for houseplants and most now stock a good variety to cater to everyone, so there’s something for every room and every capability of green fingers. A sweetheart plant is a versatile climber happy in shaded rooms, hole-y monstera plants with their unique cut-out leaves thrive in low-light interiors, fiddle leaf fig trees are hardy and bushy but need lots of suns, and snake plants only need infrequent watering to flourish.

2. Arches

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Curved lines are an interior design trend that has been around for several years, however, 2022 will see arched forms come to the forefront according to designers.

For too long interior design has represented only harsh, straight lines – pausing only briefly for the now-infamous Ikea stackable ‘wavy mirror’ in the 00s. 2021 is seeing an increase in curvy furniture, and these rounded edges are set to grow in popularity well into 2022.

Furniture and décor with softer edges are more forgiving, make a room feel cosier, and can even complement more strictly angled pieces to highlight them. Another throwback from the decades of the twentieth century, we’re seeing furniture designers expand from the classic C-shape sofas into soft-edge tables, reimagined contemporary seating, and even scaped mantelpieces and shelves. 

3. Copper Elements

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Brass and matt black finishes have been the biggest interior design trends for fixtures and hardware in recent years.

We’ll see copper start to take over from the very popular brushed brass, bringing a fresh new finish and striking aesthetic into kitchens, bathrooms, and even living spaces. High-end dining tables will incorporate this elegant hue with white textured marble tops a statement piece for the year ahead.

4. A Touch of the 70s

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The 90s may currently be the retro kickback in clothing fashion, but the 70s is about to make its comeback for interior design. This vintage theme will not be the bold patterned wallpaper and aubergine coloured bathroom fittings you’ve only just stripped from your grandparents’ home but instead suggestions and colour pops of burnt orange, moss greens and other warm neutrals. 

Items to lend these pops of brightness and patterns can be found at local flea markets, antique stores and junkyards. Routinely visiting these places and keeping an eye out for 70s pieces online can help you find lots of complimentary items to mix and match and provide a retro flair.

5. Contrasting Soft and Strong with Velvet

In support of the softer shapes we’re seeing heading into homes, textiles are providing contrasting and complementary textures. Velvet, a soft but striking feel that echoes luxury and prestige alongside comfort is growing in popularity for furnishings.

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Either in a single colour or several complementary shades, velvet can be made the focal point of a room as a full sofa or chair or used for a subtler aesthetic with scatter cushions, throws, or smaller upholstery projects. 

6. Converting Spaces to Multifunction

Unless you live in a mansion, chances are that some of your home’s rooms are multifunctional. Instances of this have only increased through the coronavirus crisis as millions of people started to work from home without a dedicated office room. Through 2022, however, we’re likely to see this become a design feature of houses and not just a requirement.1BlrActGx74arHyxS9qcXIdIcbTyhMaKncOVHSwNRiRHydRxtIge LSv2XVFYaulQ8WWtV7J36WQwg jQSs1DyVpXvbD6IPtr BOTVBOQYZwVf iUWjkz1LYIbfMhMCmFY9C7uSd

Using vertical space and storage and getting creative with fold-down beds, cupboard desks, and hidden storage, multifunctional spaces are set to firmly become a feature for all – prioritising space optimisation without the need to invest heavily and move to a larger property.

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