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Let’s face it: renovating while living in the house has its challenges. But it’s certainly not impossible. In fact, for many homeowners in North London, it’s the preferred option.

We know what it takes for home renovation. And we understand the pros and cons of choosing to stay in your house during a home renovation. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help make the decision to go or stay just that much easier.

Living through a one-room renovation disrupts your routine and makes for some noisy days. Living through a major renovation or construction project can completely disrupt your life. Whether you’re building a home from the ground up or undertaking a home renovation project that’s long overdue, the million-dollar question is: where do you stay during a home renovation? 


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There’s no right or wrong when it comes to deciding whether to stay or leave during your home renovation. The decision is a personal one, and it will be determined by your specific circumstances and your household’s needs. Here are a few things that might influence your decision:

Extra cost:

One of the main reasons that clients choose to stay in their homes during the renovation process is cost. If moving out involves renting another property, it may be too much of a financial strain. Also, hiring a removalist to help you shift all your belongings involves significant costs.


If location is important (e.g., your home is close to your work or school) you may wish to stay right where you are and put up with the negatives of living in a renovation.

Mess & noise – can you tolerate living on a building site?

Living during home renovation involves a lot of mess and noise, and if you wish to avoid the disruption and dust, you might be best to shift out. This is a major consideration, especially for families with little children and babies.

What are you renovating? Will it be too inconvenient?

Depending on the scale of the works being undertaken, you can reasonably expect a certain amount of inconvenience and disruption to your daily schedule (e.g., you may be without a kitchen for a while if you are renovating this area). You need to think about whether or not you can work around this inconvenience.

Home layout:

Does your home layout lend itself to a renovating scenario? I.e., can you and your family move upstairs while the renovations are underway downstairs (or vice versa)? If your home is bungalow style, can you live in the back of the home while the front is renovated? Think about ways to turn the layout of your home to your advantage.


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If you decide to stay, a bit of creativity and flexibility will go a long way towards turning this possibly inconvenient and stressful time in your life into a workable and even a memorable time for you and your family.

Pros of Staying Home During a Renovation:

Still not sure what to do? Let’s take a closer look at the pros of renovating while living in the house:

Get to Know Your Contractor:

Before you sign up with your building team, find out as much as you can about them. Look at reviews online. Talk to previous clients about their experiences and find out how others have got on living during their home renovations. Choosing a builder that you feel comfortable with and that you can trust is super important.

Living during the home renovation will allow you to get to know your builder even better. This hands-on experience is a great way to build up positive relationships with each member of the team – after all, these are the people you are allowing into your home and relying on to turn your home renovation dreams into a reality.

Save Money:

You can save yourself a pretty penny in removal costs and rent by living in a house while renovating. Quality home renovations don’t come cheap, and at a time in your life when expenses are high, you might wish to save the money and put up with any inconveniences.

Watch and Learn:

There’s nothing like watching first-hand to gain an insight into every stage of your project. Being around the project from day 1 is a great way to understand exactly how much work goes into the creation of your new space, and if you’re observant, you might even learn a few tricks of the trade that could be helpful in your own DIY projects!

Cons of Staying Home During a Renovation:

There’s no denying that living through home renovations throws up some challenges. Let’s be honest and look at a few of the cons of stay at home additions:

Noise & Mess:

Yes, there’ll be plenty of dust and plenty of noise – that’s the reality of home renovations. And if you’re a cleaning fanatic, you might find this a bit overwhelming.

If you choose to stay at home during the home renovation process you need to have strategies in place to cope with the mess and the extra noise, especially if you are in a household with small children. Talk to your builder about ways to minimize the impact of this.

Limited Living Conditions:

Depending on what your home renovations involve, you may be limited to living in just a part of your home during the renovation process. Be honest with yourself and decide whether you can cope with cramped, makeshift living conditions for a while.

Living through a kitchen remodel might mean that your kitchen isn’t accessible for a while – can you make do without it? What about the bathroom – if this is being renovated, do you have a family you can call on for access to showers, etc?

Goodbye Privacy:

With tradespeople coming and going from your home all day, you’ll have to be prepared to kiss some of your privacy goodbyes for a while! However, most builders have set work hours, so knowing you can have your house ‘back’ in the evening will make this inconvenience more tolerable.

  1. Extended Overall Renovation Time:

Staying at home during the home renovation process may lengthen the overall time of the project, and the reason is simple: if your building team has free access to every part of the remodel at any time, they can move the project along faster without as much preparatory work. For them, working around you might make the progress a bit slower.


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Have Faith in your Builder:

Trusting your builder/building team is key to maintaining a harmonious relationship during your home renovation. Even if you don’t understand every detail of the construction process, trusting them to do the job properly will allow them the freedom to get in and get the job done as efficiently as possible.

Create Areas for Work, Living and Play:

Although your living quarters might be somewhat makeshift and cramped, do your best to designate areas for working, general living, and children’s play. Talk to members of your household about this and enlist their cooperation to make this work as well as possible.

Having set areas for different household activities will go a long way towards saving your sanity and maintaining some form of normality and family routine, especially if yours is a family with small children.

Plan, Plan, Plan:

Work along with your building team to plan a calendar of the significant steps of your project. Clear, honest communication between both parties will ensure that the project runs as smoothly as possible and that deadlines can be met for both parties.

With the help of planning a calendar, you can do your bit to keep the ball rolling by having areas ready for demolition or construction as needed. Also, if you understand when each area will be needed or completed, you can plan your household life accordingly.

Prep family meals ahead of time. If you know you’ll be without a kitchen, cook up a storm and freeze it to make life easier during the period you’ll be without an oven and/or cooktop.

Store Your Essentials Elsewhere:

You will not have access to storage in the areas of renovation, so you’ll need to store your food and household items elsewhere before the project gets underway.

A good dose of creativity is essential when your home renovation work is underway – for example, if your kitchen is out of bounds, you might consider turning your laundry into temporary food prep and washing-up stations. You won’t want to be dining out every night, so if you’re without an oven, plan your family meals around the BBQ and the microwave.

Is the living/lounge area unusable? How about shifting your sofas and entertainment gear into a bedroom for the duration? Be prepared to think outside the box and make your stay-at-home renovations an adventure rather than an existence!

Personal safety is always a priority, so take extra steps to protect your children, family members, and pets during this difficult time. You might feel like you need eyes in the back of your head, but it’s important to take extra care of everyone when there are safety hazards present.

Safety First:

Where possible, assign one outside access to the building team and use the other access for family members. Make family members aware of dangers and block off areas that are unsafe for children. It might be safer for you to visit elderly friends or relatives during this time, rather than inviting them into your home.

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