During the winter months, many plants are dormant, meaning there's less weeding and watering to be done. If you're still looking for jobs to do then there are normally always fences to repair, wildlife shelters to build, and compost bins to maintain.

Winter is also a good time of year for pruning roses and moving dormant plants. It's also possible to plant some trees and shrubs if the ground isn't frozen. If you hope to return to a glorious garden come summer, the key is preparing your garden in winter for the harsh months ahead.

Winter may be here but there are a surprising number of tasks to keep you busy out in the garden. Now’s the time to wrap your plants up warm, clear out dead material and plan your planting for next year. There are even a few things you can start growing if you’re super keen.

Enhance your Soil

Enrich your soil with our finest topsoil and ensure it has the right amount of nutrients to survive these harsh winter months.

To prevent the winter weather from damaging your soil, consider adding raised flower and plant beds to your garden. These will give you more control over the soil during the winter.

Be sure to keep an eye on the soil’s pH levels. If it is too acidic, adding lime will help balance it out. Also, consider using mulch to help insulate your plants by keeping the soil warm and moist.

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You should think about your fencing during the winter and whether it is strong enough to withstand the severe winter weather. Consider the following factors when assessing if your fencing is fit for winter:

  • Installation – a good fence is only as good as its installation – ensure accurate and secure installation for a long-lasting fence
  • Use high-quality fence posts and set your fence posts 2ft (600mm) deep in the ground
  • Use galvanized fixings – e.g. nails to avoid rusting
  • Select the best fencing for your surroundings

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Prepare for Spring

It may be too cold to go out and do some gardening during this cold season, but you can always plan ahead for springtime. Think about any new landscaping projects you may have in mind and you’d like to complete in spring and summer.

You could also research and look out for any new garden trends that you might want to implement in your garden for spring.

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Look after your Lawn

Winter is a good time to look after your lawn. You should be thinking about tidying and repairing any edges. Try keeping your lawn length at mid-length during the winter because if it's too short then your lawn won’t survive these cold months, and if it’s too long the frosty weather will make it weaker. If you decide to mow your lawn, then only mow it 2 – 3 inches, no more than that. You should also think about removing any moss, using a rake to avoid any drainage issues.    

Perhaps, you have opted for artificial grass, which unlike natural lawn is low maintenance. However, your artificial grass does need some looking after. Read our handy guide on ‘How to care for your artificial grass in winter’ for our recommendations to keep your artificial grass nice and plump during the winter.

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A winter spruce

Take a look in your garden storage for equipment and tools that can be cleaned and serviced. Wipe tools clean, sharpen and give a good spray of WD40 to prevent corrosion. Service your lawnmower. Check and organise boxes of bulbs and take pots and trays inside for a good clean, too.

Now’s also a good time to inspect and repair pergolas, arches, sheds, and other garden storage. In dry spells why not add a lick of paint or wood stain too?

Remember Spring is just around the corner. Prepare well now and you’ll be ready for the flurry of gardening activity the new season will bring.

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Clear up fallen leaves

It can be tempting to just leave the brown leaves that have fallen over autumn and winter. But keep your garden clean and accessible by regularly cleaning your pathways and garden spaces. Pop the garden debris in a composter, which you can use on the soil when spring arrives.

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Look out for wildlife

Every garden benefits from an ecosystem of insects, birds, and other wildlife. You can give them a helping hand during the colder months by leaving out feeders for birds and birdbaths. You may catch other animals using it as a water supply.

It’s important that even during the winter months, gardens are maintained,’ says Sam Mitchell, CEO at Housesimple. ‘We still find that house buyers are scoping out properties during the colder periods – and a messy garden can be a real put-off.

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Gardens and growing spaces are still places of creativity, nature, and new growth during the winter months.

There are plenty of jobs to get stuck into, including looking after wildlife, harvesting vegetables, pruning rose bushes, or planning ahead for warmer days.

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