Ways to Improve the Energy Efficiency in your Home

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There are numerous tips on home energy conservation, starting from small habits in daily lives to big investments that not only help the environment but also reduce your energy bills. So what are some of the simple tips to reduce energy consumption at home?

Making your home more energy efficient is now one of the most talked about subjects. I am sure we all know that by reducing your energy usage, you'll cut your carbon emissions and do your bit for the environment too. We have some very simple measures, such as turning your heating down, or switching to a AAA washing machine, will have a significant effect on annual bills, and the sooner you start making changes, the greater the savings will be.

How to Save Energy at Home?

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1. Turning off the lights when leaving a room

A basic habit to develop and foster is to make sure that you always turn off the lights when leaving a room. Make a reminder to do so until you get into a habit of doing so subconsciously. You can save a good chunk of your monthly electricity costs by doing something as simple as this regularly.

2. Use LED lights

Many homes are moving towards smart LED lights as they not only look stylish and affordable but are also way more efficient than halogen bulbs. This is the easiest win in your home.   

3. Switching to efficient appliances

Dryers and refrigerators are two of the most energy-intensive appliances in a home and replacing these with better efficient models can cut the electricity usage by half, thereby reducing your electricity bills. Installing heat pumps is another idea to reduce electricity consumption. In general, maintaining and replacing appliances every few years will make them have less burden on your electricity usage.

4. Unplug devices

Needless to say how important it is to unplug devices when not in use. Do not leave devices on standby but rather unplug them and save your electricity bill, and the planet. This is possibly one of the most simplest thing we can do, all devices are pulling in energy when they are on standby. So before you buy any fancy gadgets simply turn off and unplug. 

5. Reduce water usage

Some easy fixes to reduce your water consumption could be taking quick showers, using just the required amount of water while cooking and turning off running taps when unused even for seconds. Use the restrictors to reduce the flow of water, by turning your valve by 30% you reduce the flow by 30% and save water. 

6. Keep the thermostat at a lower temperature

Aim to keep your thermostat at a lower temperature around 17 / 18 degrees at night, this can make a big difference and save your energy costs. Using a programmable smart thermostat is even better. If your a landlord there are really smart options where the tenant cannot leave the boiler on all night. 

7. Use smart automated devices

Smart automated devices can lower your energy bills even when you forget to. Smart automation systems will detect when you’re no longer using a device and turn off the power supply.Smart TV, to smart censored light bulbs. So many modern devices are now out there. Theres a smart plug that can tell you if the energy your using is cheap or expensive. 

8. Use double glazing as much as possible 

Double glazing doors and windows is a nobrainer for us, if you are able to upgrade we would say 100% yes or even the triple lazing - if your budgets allow. 

9. Cook with the lid on

This is a super simple hack in everyday life to save energy consumption, by cooking with the lid you are making sure to lessen the cooking time and water usage significantly.

10. Get a Smart well insulated kettle - this is a bit out there but just think how many times we heat the kettle a day in the uk, or how many times we reheat the kettle as it's now warm. Instant heat is very expensive. So by getting the latest kettles can save a fortune. 

11. Washing at low temp

Wash clothes at a cooler temperature and with a full load, you will be saving a lot of water and electricity. Most of us dont run in the mud and let the dirt or grease stick on the clothes so a simple low temperature wash could do the job. Try it and see how it goes for you. 

12. Solar-powered devices

These days you can find a solar-powered version of almost any electronic you use in your home. Making small shifts and using more solar-powered electronics can go a long way and can also lower your maintenance and replacement costs of such electronics.

Top Alternative Sources of Energy for Homes

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  • Solar Panels

Solar panels top the list of the most popular alternative sources of energy that can be used in a home. Considering that you can power your house with a few panels if you’re looking for a small jump in energy efficiency, solar is a good way to start moving off the grid and consuming a better source of electricity. There are many advances in solar photovoltaic technology and tax incentives to attract more homeowners.

  • Air source heat pumps (ASHPs)

These pumps contain a fluid that absorbs heat from the outside air which is then transferred to the heating and hot water circuits in your home. They're are usually easier to install than ground source heat pumps because they don't need any trenches or drilling, but they can be less efficient. You'll need to install the pump unit outside, fit it to a wall or to the ground with sufficient space around it to ensure good air intake.

  • Ground source heat pumps (GSHPs)

A ground source heat pump circulates a mixture of water and antifreeze around a loop of pipe buried in your garden. The pipe extracts heat from the ground which is then used to heat your water as well as your home. Ground source heat pumps are low maintenance and you can use them all year round because the ground surrounding the pipes stays at a fairly constant temperature.

Tips to Improve the Energy Rating of Your Home

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Living in an energy-efficient houses is vital as we go into this crazy price hikes on energy, if you are able to increase the efficiency we can definitely say your increasing the house's resale value. Not only are these types of homes beneficial for their owners but also for the environment. From the viewpoint of the energy system, energy-efficient houses can help to reduce the demand on the grid this means we produce less carbon and help to do our bit for the environment.  So how do we do this ? 

●     Consume Less Energy from the Grid

Get an energy assessment done for your house to see the areas you can possibly cut down on your consumption and build up your energy score. There are numerous ways to save energy and consume less from the grid. We can send one of our guys over to assess your KW per hour requirement. 

●     Replace Windows with Modern, Efficient Double Glazing

Another way to up your score is by investing in solid double glazing doors and windows that are in line with the current standards. 

●     Energy Smart Landscaping

This is a simple one but often disregarded, planting trees or plants in the right position can help to shield you from the wind or direct sun away.

●     Wall Insulation

Both loft and wall insulation can reduce your energy bills and help in lowering your consumption, especially in the case of older homes that are not constructed in an energy-efficient manner. This is a good way to boost your score and renew your home to be more energy-efficient.

If you want more instant action on energy consumption, Get in touch with us now! Property Contractors 247 will provide you with the best service possible.

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