Design process of Home refurbishment or Home extension


The most important building block of a successful home refurbishment or home extension is the design process but not everyone realizes how important this is until it is too late! This blog post will discuss points to consider as you work through the design process.

First things first sit down with your family to discuss and understand the space that you need. You are getting a home extension for a reason, you need more space.

Evaluate what space you have currently and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why do I need additional space?
  • What will I use my home extension for?
  • How do I use the current space in my house and how could I change this for the better?
  • How can I maximize my space?
  • Who will be spending time in this home extension?
  • Will this add the maximum value to my home?

Points to Consider When Designing The Property With The Architect

  • Planning Permission – Will you need planning permission for this design? Will this design meet the necessary criteria?  – It is important to work with someone experienced who can advise on these factors and prepare the application for you.
  • Storage Space – There are many options for creating large space for storage with minimal impact on space.
  • Lighting – Where will the windows be? What type of windows will I choose? – Natural light can completely transform the feel of a room so at the design stage be sure to factor this in.
  • Electrical Layout – There is nothing more frustrating than poorly planned electrical layouts. Imagine a place where you want to study and you go to charge your laptop and …. there is no socket on that side. In fact, the socket is tucked behind the sofa on the other side of the room. Planning your electric layout at the early stages of your home extension or loft conversion is very important.
  • Practicality – Where will the furniture go? Are the doors opening out in the best way or should you choose a different style door to maximize on space? Do you have sufficient access? Could this room be easily transformed to suit another purpose should I wish to sell the house?

Talk all of these factors through with your experienced architect.

Better still, a design and build firm is usually the best qualified to take all of these factors into consideration as they will be taking the build through to completion and can come up with some great ideas based upon previous experiences to help you design your space.

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