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Home refurbishment can be expensive and, unless you’re careful, even the best budgets can start spiraling out of control, and before you know it, you’ve spent twice as much as you wanted.

There are many cost-effective methods that can help you personalise your new home and make it feel like your own. While renovating your home on a budget is no easy feat, preparing properly is one of the keys to success. Although it may feel tempting to get started as soon as possible, spending more time in the planning phase will save you money along the way

1. Everything must be Planned!

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Plan ahead of time and find out what are the things that need to go and what are the things that can still be in use. In this way, you can determine what are the things that can be useful. This can lessen your cost and will not give you any regrets in the end.

2. Draft up your budget and stick to it.

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Allowing for a slightly larger budget for a project can save you money. This way, you don’t have to cut corners which can sometimes be a false economy, especially if there are major problems, and you end up having to make expensive repairs. Make sure you take into consideration the cost of all your materials, fittings, and finishes.

3. Schedule of works

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Sticking to a schedule will help you to save money throughout your project as you won’t be as likely to chop and change from your set timeline. Instead, you will complete what’s needed, when it’s needed.

Within this schedule of works, be sure to add assigned roles and any associated costs into the plan so you can see a clear breakdown of fees and exactly where they are coming from.

4. Avoid moving plumbing

| Property Contractors 247

Similar to structural changes, if you can help it, try not to move existing plumbing in your home. Unless you have severely outdated plumbing or need pipes to be run at the front of your house instead of the back, you should try to keep your existing plumbing in its original layout.

5. Gather quotes and compare!

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One of the most important steps when planning your home refurbishment project is to shop around for quotes. This can be frustrating, making it tempting to find the first quote you come across and go for it.

It is wise to use a local trusted home builder. That way, you won’t just have a reliable handyperson to help; you’ll also be able to get advice on high-quality home refurbishment.

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If you are looking for a trusted home builder for your home refurbishment project, Get in touch with Property Contractors 247. We offer affordable home refurbishment and all other home-building projects. With our 12 years of experience, we ensure the quality of our work. Visit our website now and submit an enquiry.

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