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A lot of home activities — cooking, cleaning, eating, drinking, socializing — take place in the kitchen. That’s why it needs to be both beautiful and functional. Regardless of your kitchen design style, organization and layout are essential.

Don’t forget your workflow

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When planning you're remodeling, remember your kitchen’s busiest areas: the sink, cooker, and fridge. Make sure these areas and appliances are in an efficient location that is relevant to one another. Many designers refer to this as the kitchen “work triangle,” as the relation of these to one another typically resembles a triangle.

Wasting storage

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Kitchens typically contain lots of stuff, not only that but items are often concealed behind kitchen cabinets and require lots of space, such as food processors or juicers. Built-ins are expensive and the overall size of the area may be limited, one big mistake is not including enough storage space, but this can be minimized with adequate planning and forethought.

Giving Up Work Space

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Work space is one of the most important elements of your kitchen so don’t settle for less. Extend your work top space by using additional shelving supports or hangers to remove items up and off your work surfaces allowing you more space.

Poor Lighting

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The kitchen is one room where you can’t afford to have poor lighting. It’s not only a matter of design and atmosphere but also safety when it comes to handling sharp knives and other kitchen tools. Plus, the more light you have in the room, the better you can show off your design elements.

Poor Ventilation

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The best kitchen design fades in the presence of noxious odors. If you’ve ever walked into someone’s home and smelled last night’s fish lingering in the air, you’ll understand the importance of good ventilation. Inexpensive range hoods simply circulate dirty, stale air, while a good ventilation system will improve the quality of your indoor air and also help keep your kitchen cleaner. It also helps to extend the life of your appliances.

Going It Alone

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Even if you’re the DIY type, make sure you consult a kitchen design expert or installer before starting your project. A professional will be able to help fine-tune your remodel plan, offer tips and advice and recommend ideas you probably hadn’t already considered.

Stick To A Budget

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Creating a budget is an essential part of a kitchen installation. Decide what features of your kitchen are the most important and allocate your finances accordingly. Keep in mind that kitchen cabinets usually take up about one-third of the typical installation budget.

Like most people you likely spend most parts of your day in the kitchen whether it’s to cook for you or your family, have a meal with friends, or even enjoy a glass of wine after dinner. Your kitchen needs to fill each of its roles with efficiency and style, allowing you to enjoy its surroundings whatever the purpose of your visit. If you are looking for a unique luxurious kitchen to be fit, we are able to offer the highest standard of craftsmanship.

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Renovating your property for profit can be easy if you know what you are doing. With various television programs such as Homes Under The Hammer or Property Ladder, it seems everyone wants to try their hand at property renovation. On the face of it, it seems like a good idea and can be highly profitable, but the truth is that very few renovators make money, and worse still some lose money.


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A property that has been on the market for more than a few months suggests there isn’t a great deal of profit to be made. Research your chosen location thoroughly, consider who you’ll be pitching your finished property to and the type of local amenities important to them. For example, if you are renovating a family home, are the local schools in the area good ones.

Things to look out for

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With an older property, you really should be prepared for anything. Stripping wallpaper could involve the walls themselves coming away with paper, incurring further plastering costs. Don’t be afraid to make various appointments to every type of tradesman or contractor in order to know what you’re letting yourself in for.

Ask advice from the Experts

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Engaging the services for estimates of specialist contractors in roofing, damp specialists, electricians, and plumbers will charge nothing or very little to offer estimates on work and will be more beneficial to you than a surveyor in the earlier stages of property investment.

How Much Work Is Involved?

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This really does depend on the type of property you are choosing to invest in. But don’t bite off more than you can chew. A good place to start is trying to do up a dated property rather than a complete wreck. Renovating a new kitchen, bathroom, re-decoration, adding central heating and new carpets can transform something dated into a modern new home. 

Finances and budget

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Be prepared. Set yourself a budget and build in some contingency funding, fifteen percent of the total cost is a good guideline. With multiple quotes from qualified contractors, this will offer a guide of how much your renovation will cost.

Organize and manage your project

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If you are confident enough you could manage the renovation yourself or employ an independent project manager. Get all quotes well in advance from tradesmen or contractors, this way you can calculate your expenditure. Never expect scheduled timescales, things can go wrong and may not always go as planned. Seek as much advice as possible, especially from people who’ve done it before. If you’ve bought a property to renovate and live in, be prepared to live in a building site until things are settled.

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There are few rooms in the house that are more rewarding to remodel than the kitchen.  This space is generally regarded as the heart of the home, and it’s no secret that a gorgeous kitchen can literally transform the look and feel of your whole house!

A quick search on the internet will reveal a plethora of dazzling kitchen ideas and designs, but don’t make the mistake of rushing into the project without a clear vision of what you want to achieve.


Now’s the time to sit back and really evaluate how you use your kitchen and what you want to achieve from your remodel.  Ask yourself these questions about your current kitchen:

Discuss the pros and cons of your current kitchen and the renovation with the rest of the household and get their ideas about ways to achieve maximum functionality.


Failure to plan is one of the most common renovation mistakes, so don’t fall into this trap!

Deciding on a builder for your project is probably the most important part of your research.  Your builder can literally ‘make or break’ your renovation project, so take your time finding a team that has the expertise, experience, and creative ability to achieve exactly what you want.

Research builders online, ask for referrals and talk to family and friends who have also done renovation projects.  Ask questions and get answers – your kitchen remodel is a big investment, so you need to get it right the first time round!


As the old cliché goes, a job well planned is a job half done – this couldn’t be truer when it comes to a kitchen renovation!

Planning involves deciding on:

There’s no shortage of inspiration and it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the number of choices there are to be made.  That’s where an expert can help – talk to your renovation team about the best way to achieve the perfect harmony between form and function.

Visit showrooms and get a feel for different kitchen layouts and styles – there’s nothing like physically seeing and feeling products to help you make your decisions.

Budgeting isn’t always easy.  However, it’s important that you set boundaries and discuss these with your builder.  Of course, with a renovation project you’re working with an existing building, and sometimes during demolition, we find ‘unexpected’ challenges which must be overcome.  To avoid the all-too-common budget blow-outs, we suggest allowing an amount for these unplanned extra expenses.


Is your kitchen remodel part of a bigger renovation or home extension project? Talk to your builder about any legal paperwork or council approvals that may be necessary to complete your project.

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Flooring in a property can make a considerable impact on first impressions, so it pays to get it right. Here are our top tips on choosing the right flooring for your investment.

Consider the use of the property

The first step in choosing the right flooring for your rental property is to consider who will be living there. If your target tenant type will be families, for example, you’d want to avoid flooring types that can’t be easily refinished or could be ruined by a loose crayon or dirty paws. We’d recommend vinyl or laminate flooring for high-traffic areas of the property, as these flooring types can withstand heavy foot traffic better than most others.

Flooring for Rental Property

You could also opt for non-slip wood-effect tiles, which are easily maintained, stylish and affordable. In properties with fewer tenants, you have greater freedom with flooring - so you could consider more stylish choices of tile, as they’re less likely to be damaged and can improve the property’s appearance.

Do a room by room basis

Certain flooring types are best matched to particular rooms in the house, so when changing flooring for an entire property, you should think on a room-by-room basis. When it comes to kitchens, keep in mind the type of material that will be easiest to clean and won’t need to be replaced every time you get a new tenant.

Natural stone floor tiles look great in kitchens - giving tenants a blank canvas when it comes to matching them with appliances and room décor. There is also a range of designs and colors to choose from, which gives you the chance to build up the room’s style from the ground up. Tiles are also the obvious choice for bathrooms - as they are waterproof, durable, and easy to maintain.

If you’re steering clear of carpets in an effort to avoid having to replace flooring too regularly, bedrooms will benefit from engineered or hardwood flooring for extra warmth and homely comfort. Living rooms are very much dependent on tenant type, as properties with more people will require more durable flooring, so we’d suggest hardwood flooring so that you won’t have to update your flooring every time your property is up for let.

Avoid obvious pitfalls

Certain flooring types are a definite no-no, with 14% of tenants saying carpet in the bathroom would completely put them off a property. Other pitfalls you should avoid include installing wooden flooring in wet rooms, light-colored carpets in hallways, or installing your flooring yourself, without experience or guidance. All of these mistakes can cost you, tenants, time, and money - so make sure you consider all potential pitfalls before rushing into buying your flooring.

With flooring playing such an integral role when it comes to securing tenants, it pays to make sure the flooring types you choose are well suited to your property.

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What better time than now to renovate and redesign your kitchen ready for your summer adventures. Whether you want an entirely new kitchen, or just to change a few things, here are some ways that you can revamp your kitchen.

New Kitchenware & Appliances

A quick and easy way to change your kitchen is to get some new kitchen appliances. Buying a new kettle, toaster & microwave set along with some new tea, coffee & sugar pots is a great way to inject color and design to your kitchen. Buying some new cutlery, knives, and utensils that match the new appliances is a cost-effective way to continue your new aesthetic throughout the whole kitchen.

Colourful Interior decoration

A great way to add more character to your kitchen for summer is to add some simple floral decorations. Introducing a small vase of flowers on the kitchen table or on the window sill, will add colour and personality to your kitchen in an instant. In addition, you could find some artwork of colourful fruits and flowers to frame and put on any bare walls. Not only will this fill the empty walls, but also help your aesthetic flow. Why not add a runner on your table, or a bright under your kitchen table! Adding small things to a big space is a great way to add lots of character easily.

Have a full kitchen refurbishment

Having a new kitchen installed this summer will give your home the fresh feeling you’re after and there are many different ways to style your kitchen. A shiny black, tiled floor with bright white tabletops and spots of color in the decoration is perfect for a summer aesthetic. Black & white is also a universal color palette that will allow you to redecorate easily for the upcoming winter season.

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Maybe you are just getting to really know your home and what it could be. Or it could be that you just are in the mood for something new. Would a general sprucing do the trick, or should you have your sights on a more dramatic transformation? How do you know if you would benefit more from a home extension or home refurbishment?

Home Extensions

An extension to your home can be the key to your happiness when done by the correct company. A home extension can not only create more spaces for the family to breathe, live and grow but can create new opportunities such as a spare bedroom or a home office for those that work at home. You may consider expanding your family and need more room or maybe you wish to increase the value of your home. There are endless options to choose from when considering a home extension. For inspiration, view some of our projects. Besides, planning your home extension can become an exciting project in itself!

If you spend a substantial part of your day at home, whether working or raising a family, the right addition to your home can improve your productivity, or allow for that extra quality time with family or friends.


For those who would like to make a difference to their home but feel they have enough space, then refurbishing your home could be your solution. Upgrading the quality of your most-used rooms can really make a difference to your life and family. Imagine taking that precious half hour to unwind in a luxurious free-standing bathtub! Or enjoying your breakfast in an up-to-date, sparkling kitchen. There’s no reason you can’t still have your own home office either, or create an independent zone for growing teenagers, simply by refurbishing a spare room. A refurbishment to your home can be the ideal solution for you and your family. It can be a fresh start and can even make you happier coming to a home you feel more proud of and more happy to be in.

The differences

A renovation generally involves updating or improving on what is already there: think of a brand-new, state-of-the-art bathroom or kitchen. An extension, by contrast, is an all-new addition to your home. For example, if you work from home, you may be interested in converting your loft or basement into a comfortable home office. Or, if you love entertaining, your home could really benefit from an airy conservatory or dining room. Both home extensions and home refurbishment can make a real difference to your day-to-day life, not to mention the added value of your house!

Both refurbishment and an extension to your home can really make a difference to your lifestyle.

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As many career-hardened landlords will know, property refurbishments can be costly and time consuming. This time and money, especially if you are reliant on generating income from your property, can put landlords off from undertaking vital refurbishment projects until they have the cash.

However, getting your property refurbishments completed before your first tenants move in is extremely important for your business. From driving revenue to lowering insurance premiums, here is why you need to get your refurbishments right from the start.

Is property refurbishment profitable?

Getting your investment property refurbished to a high standard is important if you plan on running a desirable and profitable property business.

A well-presented property with a good finish and decent insulation, heating and plumbing will attract more tenants. This in turn will enable you to charge a premium for your properties, resulting in higher revenues for your business.

What do landlords need to consider when refurbishing properties?

There are several areas that landlords consider when refurbishing properties. Considering the entire experience of your tenants and focussing on major structural concerns should be top priorities.


Get the most urgent rooms of a property up to code as quickly as possible and to a high specification. This includes bathrooms and kitchens as these will likely be heavily used rooms.

Make it Simple

Remember that the property is to be rented for profit and is not your home. Many first-time landlords get carried away with the details. Keep it high quality but simple and be dispassionate about your refurbishment.

Fix all the damages

If your property has structural issues or damp problems, fix these as a priority. No shiny new interior can compensate for horrible structural issues, fix these first for maximum profitability.

Take value

Regardless of how much refurbishment you do, there will always be a value ceiling, that is a top market price for your property. Know when to stop spending to save money in the long run.

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One of the main concerns when having a baby is the additional space required. You know you are going to need to find a place for the baby to sleep, somewhere to store the pram, baby bath, bouncy chair, new clothes, and all the other new bits you will have acquired. 

For tots that are starting to grow, they will need a larger sleeping space, drawers and cupboards, and more room to store all their toys. 

Here are some simple ways to maximize your existing space and create extra room for your family. 


Under-bed drawers – if there is space under your child’s bed, add some drawers which can be used to store clothes, sheets, and toys. Also, consider using the space under the cot as there is usually room to store items. 

Add a divider in the room – If your children are getting older but sharing a room, then you might want to think about their privacy. Adding a divider in the room will give them a sense of their own space which is important for a child as s/he grows up. 

Organize - the likelihood is that when you have your baby you will receive gifts of clothes of different ages: 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-12 months, etc. Bigger clothes should be tightly packed together, clearly labeled, and then put out of the way but somewhere you will remember them! As the baby grows you can unpack them and pack/give away the smaller clothes. 

Perhaps no matter how much you declutter or maximise the space you have, it’s still simply not enough. Are there other options available rather than moving to a new house? 

Moving home is expensive! With the uncertainty of Brexit looming, and the cost of stamp duty and legal fees alone running into the tens of thousands of pounds, many families worry about how they can afford to get the additional space they need for their growing family. 

Loft Conversion 

If you have an attic that has not been converted, this could be a perfect opportunity to add a master en-suite bedroom, a playroom, or even two additional bedrooms for the kids. 

Home Extension 

A home extension can be a great opportunity to open up the downstairs space and have a large open plan kitchen/diner or to add an additional room and a utility room.

Garage conversion 

As cars have become much bigger, garages are being used less and less, and these days tend to be used as a dumping ground for excess items.

Garage conversion 

As cars have become much bigger, garages are being used less and less, and these days tend to be used as a dumping ground for excess items.

Why loft conversions have become so popular as a way of creating more living space within your existing home without the difficulties of having to move. 

The obvious answer to this problem is moving to a bigger home, but you may find it difficult to find a bigger property in your neighborhood for an affordable price. 

For many homeowners across the UK, investing in a loft conversion can seem like a big deal, with many aspects to consider before committing to a final decision. You will need to think about the price, the type of conversion, what it will be used for, among other things. 

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It’s the perfect solution if you’re welcoming a new member into the family, looking for a guest bedroom for when your in-laws come over to stay or even if you’re looking to make some extra money by renting out space to lodgers. 


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But turning your loft space into bedrooms is far from the only thing you can do. Perhaps you do not have any children and instead are a working professional focused on building your career. Well, in that case, you have a great opportunity to turn your loft space into that perfect office you’ve always dreamed of. 

Many experts believe these changes are here to stay and permanent working from home opportunities are becoming more and more common.


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A loft gym is probably not the first thing you think of when you hear ‘home gym’, but if you have a spacious loft with ample headroom then it’s a very real possibility! More and more people are choosing to go this route as having a gym in your loft will provide you with superior lighting options, making sure your home gym is always bright, helping you stay energised throughout your workout. 

What’s more, is that you won’t need to waste money on an expensive gym membership and can enjoy working out in the privacy of your own home without having strangers constantly gawking and staring at you. 

What will you do with your loft space?

We hope that this article has helped you paint a better picture of what exactly you would like to do with your loft space. Perhaps you would even turn it into something we have not mentioned – in which case, we would love to hear about it! 

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London is a fantastic market for flats. There are many single or couple professionals in London who would rather have a flat than a house or simply cannot afford the cost of renting or buying a house.

The advantage of turning a house into 2 flats is that there is a good opportunity for a higher rental income with the flats combined and sometimes even higher profit from selling the separate properties.

Points To Bear In Mind When Converting a House Into Flats

Do Your Research! – Speak to estate agents in the local area. Is there a higher demand in the area for flats than there are for houses?

Planning Permission

Make sure you can get planning permission for this conversion. Contact the local council.


Each flat will need its own gas, electricity and water. It is important to contact the service providers as soon as possible, they often take much longer than expected and can delay the whole project.


You will need to have separate boilers for each flat.

Heating System

You will need to have a separate heating system for each flat.


Each flat will need an entrance so bear this in mind when planning the design.


You will need to add soundproofing when converting a house into flats.


You will need to meet building control approvals

Mortgaged Properties

If the house that you want to convert is currently mortgaged you will need to speak to your lender as they may be reluctant in case you default. Some lenders will consider it on a commercial basis.

Do your before taking on a project. In some areas of London the house value will be more than the flats combined or will come out to the same price after the costs spent on the refurbishments so make sure this will be a worthwhile project for you.

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