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Commissioning a basement conversion is becoming a growing trend in the UK, particularly in London where space is at a premium. Utilising the dead space underneath a house has long been popular in the US and Canada and now the move to convert basements is gathering speed over here as householders realise how such a basement conversion can bring all sorts of lifestyle benefits.

Basement conversions have been surging in popularity over the past few years, particularly in London, where space is at a premium. A basement conversion is a fantastic home improvement to make if you want to add more space and increase functionality in your property. You’ll also be able to increase the value of your home in the property market if you decide to sell it in the future.

London is only second to Monaco as the most expensive city in the world to buy property, so it is not always easy to simply buy a new property when you need to boost your living space. 

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Common reasons for basement conversions:

The principal benefit of basement extensions is that they can be used to add more living space to a property (or even a separate flat) but they are increasingly being converted for more imaginative reasons. These include:

  • Gyms
  • Swimming pools
  • Cinema rooms
  • Games room
  • Wine cellars
  • Recording studios
  • Underground parking

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A basement conversion could add a completely new dynamic to the household. The newfound space could be used to create a workout room, an entertainment space or just a spare bedroom for when guests stay over. If you have a large family, then you could use the basement as a reading room or a place to retreat when it gets too hectic upstairs!

Having another room in your home certainly gives you a lot more elbowroom, but not as much as the benefits of a basement conversion. That’s because, on average, a basement is usually a large area, which means converting it can increase living space by as much as a third.

The benefits of a basement conversion will vary by area, but all basements are usually appreciated for providing a home with extra space either for living or for storage purposes. While having a dry, usable basement is an absolute must for some houses, for others, they are just thought of as a nice bonus.

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This is what many homeowners and contractors believe, and it’s easy to see why as basements typically already have all the structural walls in place, as opposed to other house extensions which require a lot more restructuring work. 

In some parts of London, a fully renovated basement can add up to 20% in market value to a home, and this figure can go even higher for the super expensive properties of Kensington & Chelsea, Hammersmith & Fulham and Islington that come equipped with mega-basements.A Party Wall agreement must be agreed upon a few months before the project takes place, but this could delay it for months if your neighbours aren’t keen on the idea. 

As a rule of thumb, homeowners should never carry out a renovation project in their homes for the sole purpose of increasing its resale value. That’s because no home renovaton project will get you a 100% return on your investment during resale. That being said, home extension projects such as basement waterproofing or basement conversions, which help increase living space, do in fact make a home look more attractive to prospective buyers, which means that they are able to get a better price for their home during resale.

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Gives You a Comfy Hangout

Not all benefits of converting a basement are done for practical purposes. Sometimes, homeowners just want to convert their basement into a place where they can relax and just hang out. A basement is easily heated and cooled, making it one of the most comfortable living spaces in the entire house.  Basement conversions, converted correctly by using sound dampening properties along with natural insulation, can transform your basement into one of the most pleasant places in your home.

Do you need planning permission for a basement conversion?

As planning rules vary depending on your location and are often changing, it’s recommended that you contact your Local Planning Authority regarding your basement plans before any work begins.

Cellar conversions that do not require any changes to the external appearance of your property are unlikely to need planning permission.

If your basement conversion requires excavation and changes to the exterior of your property (like adding a light well, for example) then you are likely to need planning permission from your local authority. If you’re thinking about embarking on a basement conversion project it’s crucial that you discuss your plans with knowledgeable contractors first. They will be able to advise and guide you through all the necessary legal requirements. Property Contractors 247 can help you with your basement conversion as smoothly as possible. Visit our website now and get a free quote.

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