Carpentry Tips and Advice

Practice on test pieces for the perfect miter

Practice on smaller test pieces until you get your miter saw set to exactly
the right angle then cut the actual parts.

Use the construction lumber as a template

Tack together the construction lumber to outline the structure, square it up,
and use it as a giant template to do all your marking. Set it aside to do your digging and replace it to set the posts.

Use materials on hand for this simple bench

The only custom work you’ll need to do is to rip some spacer boards
to make the outfeed support the same height as the saw table.

Write measurements down

Stick masking tape to your tape measure for jotting down shapes and numbers.
That way you won’t forget the length on the way to the saw.

Use the toenail trick to position lumber

Use the toenail trick whenever I need to adjust stubborn lumber.

Use nippers to pull nails

Keep a pair of ‘nippers’ in your pouch whenever you’re doing trim carpentry.
When you pull trim from the wall, use them for pulling the nails through the
back of the trim.

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